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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 20, 1917, continued


Loyalty is not measured by talk but by action. One may love the eagles on Uncle Sam's money. What will they do for Uncle Sam, who coins it?

The plea is advanced by a very few that they can't spare the money from their business. They'll have no business if we lose this war. A dollar now will save 100 in case of defeat and indemnities.

Patriotic sons doing their but for their country would blush with shame to think anyone used them as a shield to hide their lack of patriotism. Back the boys in the trenches! Your dollar may save a life! If it helps shorten the war one day it will surely save many.

If all said let the other fellow advance the money, what would be the result?

Remember your attitude, a patriot or a slacker, as you please, may reflect the stand of countless thousands.

Consider your help as vital to the country's pressing need, as truly it is.

Do Your Bit.

Love of country and love of home are the same. Not bounded by income. Not shown by chin music and waving of flags, but by action.

You can arrange to buy a bond on most any terms you like. See the bank or ask your employer to make this possible.

Take down that flag of red, blue and white, if it is within your greatest possible endeavor to buy a Liberty bond and you fail to do so you fail your country in its darkest hour.

You money men mark this well.

A few lawsuits make the difference between 4 percent and 8 percent. A safe, sound, solid investment, just 4 percent better than greenbacks, and issued by the same source.

Act now. Saturday, October 27 last day.