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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 22, 1917


There was excitement about 7:30 o'clock last Saturday night when an automobile collided with a buggy in which Mr. and Mrs. Dave Phipps were riding at the corner of Sixth and Bartlett streets, right under the electric light.

The name of the driver of the car is unknown, but he is a recent arrival in the city and his car, a Dodge, bears an Idaho licence number. The streets had just been sprinkled and the driver, as soon as he saw the buggy crossing the street, applied the emergency brakes, but the car skidded into the buggy and upset it, Mr. and Mrs. Phipps falling under. The horse stopped at once.

Mr. Phipps crawled out from under the buggy, a very angry man, got up and crawled into the car, where he proceeded to pummel the driver unmercifully with his fists. Ed Pottinger, who happened to be driving near by when the accident happened, dismounted from his car and succeeded in getting Phipps to stop his fistic exercise.

Mrs. Phipps was then released from under the buggy and taken in Mr. Pottinger's car to Dr. Polnitz' office, where she received medical attention. She complained of pain in her knee, back and hip, but her injuries were not thought to be serious. Mr. Phipps escaped with scratches.

Mr. Phipps explained to Mr. Pottinger that the reason he lost his temper was that he had been run into several times this summer and fall, and his first thought was that this man had run into his buggy the other times.

Another auto accident occurred up in the Siskiyous Sunday night when the Dodge car of Carl Fichner and the Hudson car of O. V. Myers collided, smashing the fender of Fichner's car. No one was injured.