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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 23, 1917


That liberty bonds are a legal tender and good for the payment of all debts was the message that C. H. Miller, representative of the Federal Reserve bank and manager of the liberty loan campaign in Oregon, brought to Medford Tuesday, and as a result of his visit all Medford businesses will accept bonds at face value in payment of accounts.

The visit of Mr. Miller put wonderful impetus into the local and county campaign for bond subscriptions.

This morning he addressed a score of prominent business and professional men and others — members of the local soliciting committees — and instilled into them some of his fire and energy and gave them a thorough understanding of the liberty bond campaign situation throughout the state and nation.

Then at 10 a.m. Mr. Miller conferred with the bankers of the county and addressed them much along the same lines as he had addresses the previous meeting. Ginger was thus infused into the bankers also, and they, too, left the meeting with a better understanding of the situation and with more of a desire to peel off their coats and hustle harder to bring about liberty bond results.

It is no exaggeration to say that until Mr. Miller's visit and his conferences with the workers here there was not a clear understanding of the liberty bond campaign, its urgent necessity and the desirability of possessing liberty bonds of the second issue.

The first meeting was held in the directors' room of the Medford National bank at 8:30 a. m., and for about an hour Mr. Miller in a rapid-fire and frank talk told of the general, state and local situation; of the desirability of possession of the bonds as an investment and patriotic duty; of how to meet the objections that would be raised by persons reluctant to purchase bonds, and fairly radiated his own enthusiasm, and energy into those assembled.