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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 31, 1917


Federal authorities in Portland expect instructions shortly for the disposition of William Dolfen, cook of Company C, Third Oregon, who was arrested on the troop train for being an alien enemy.

Although there is some likelihood that Dolfen may be turned over to military authorities for court martial, federal officers say it is expected that he will be interned at Fort Douglas, Utah. Wherever he is sent, however, he will be taken directly from the Multnomah county jail, where he has been confined since his arrest and arrival in Portland.

It has been stated that he will not be taken to Vancouver barracks to be held there awaiting internment as have other war prisoners.


Preparations are being made for a Jackson county campaign November 11th to 19th, to raise $5,000 for the work of the Y.M.C.A. in the present war. This campaign is national in scope. It is proposed to raise $35,000,000 through the country at large.

These funds are to be distributed as follows — for work with U.S. army and navy men in this country, $11,120,000; for work with U.S. army and navy men overseas, $11,994,000; for work in the Russian army, $3,305,000; French army, $2,649,000; Italian army, $1,000,000 and prison camps, $1,000,000. There will also be a supplementary sum for inevitable expansion of $3,932,000.

The local committee which had the Red Cross drive in charge last June will have charge of this campaign. Lincoln McCormack will be chairman of the Medford committee, and the northern part of the country, while E. V. Carter of Ashland, will have charge of Ashland and the southern part of this county.

The excellent work already done by the Y.M.C.A. is a matter of common knowledge. Its service in the war has indeed become essential to the proper prosecution of the war. The present movement for funds has received the hearty sanction of President Wilson, General Pershing, and practically every U.S. official engaged in the actual conduct of the war.