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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 1, 1917


The present storm brought November's rainfall up above the average — with 4.26 inches against the average of 3.75. Not since 1910 has November given as much moisture. There is, however, a seasonal deficiency, as no rain fell during October and only 0.03 inch in September against an average of .92 for September and 1.52 for October, making the seasonal deficiency 2.63, which promises to made up this month. The seasonal average for December is 4.25 inches.

The monthly summary shows November had ideal Indian summer weather most of the month, sharp frosts at night and sunny days, with occasional foggy mornings.


Quit a bit of excitement was experienced in Talent Sunday evening, when an unknown drunken woman entered Mr. Robinson's confectionery store with the request "if she could telephone to Hilt." This was granted and she continued on her way. At Mr. Williams', just on the outskirts of town, she ran into and broke down Mr. W.'s mail box. She then continued on as far as the Jackson sulphur springs north of Ashland, where she ditched her car. Previous to reaching Talent she had run into a horseman and attempted to stop everyone she saw with the same request, she wished to telephone to Hilt. The Ashland police were notified, but upon arriving on the scene no trace of her could be found, she having righted her car and started back toward Medford, where Sheriff Jennings finally located her and put her under arrest. It was reported the Sheriff Jennings had taken charge of her.