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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 5, 1917


The exhibition of the Seventh company picture proved to be a success not only from a financial standpoint but also in the enjoyment afforded the audiences. The friends of the boys who came to see them at the Page were surely not disappointed, as the pictures were clear, all featuring incidents of camp life which were of great interest. The various groups of the squads with their respective corporals and the sergeants were especially satisfactory, showing as they did each man in the company. The officers' pictures were also very much appreciated. Many compliments were expressed for Captain Vance for his excellent work with the camera and the good taste and judgement which he displayed in choosing the scenes and incidents portrayed.

The Soldiers' Auxiliary takes this opportunity to express its great appreciation of the generosity and many courtesies received from the Page management in connection with the exhibition.

The auxiliary also wishes to acknowledge the courtesies extended by the press, which contributed greatly to the success of the undertaking. An acknowledgement is also due the Swem studio for the accommodations received from them in the preparation of the slides and other matters related to the exhibition.


Some time ago a local physician's car accidentally ran over and killed a blue-ribboned pet dog owned by a woman on the boulevard. The woman sought revenge and on Monday shot the doctor's big Newfoundland pup, familiarly known all over town by the name of "Rover." Complications are liable to ensue over developments as to shooting on the streets, carrying concealed weapons, etc. In the meantime Rover is rapidly recovering from the effects of the fusillade. The shooting may result in a questionnaire at the hands of local court officials.