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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 12, 1917


Considerable excitement was caused in Phoenix yesterday by the report that ground glass has been found in the peanut butter on sale at that place, and a delegation of excited citizens called on County Physician T.J. Mamgren with samples of the concoction. Hard particles were apparent, but after investigating several samples the county physician decided the particles were crystallized bits of sugar. The investigation will be continued today however to make sure that a German spy is not plying his nefarious trade in the nearby community.


Do your Christmas shopping and get you presents into the mails just as quickly as you possibly can, is the advice of Postmaster Mims, if you want your gifts to reach their destinations in time for Christmas. especially must you hurry with your packages for the east and middle west.

Packages for Chicago and beyond should be mailed not later than next Monday, and to be absolutely sure of getting to their destinations and delivered in time should really be mailed Saturday, according to Postmaster Mims and Assistant Postmaster Warner. The express companies also give the same advice.

Already the postoffice and express companies' facilities are crowded. Transportation conditions will grow more serious as the holidays draw nearer. There are approximately two million soldiers in camps thruout the United States who will be receiving and sending letters, express packages and parcel post packages, which means an immense additional volume for both the postoffice department and express companies to handle.

Postal clerks receiving less than $1,100 per year have not been exempt from the draft and the postal department is feeling keenly the loss of experienced help. Besides the soldiers feature, because of the great prosperity in the east and middle west, a record-breaking exchange of presents is those sections is looked for. And, above all, is the lack of usual railroad facilities because of the great volume of war business that is congesting the railroads.

So hurry up your presents and get them into the mails as quick as possible, even if they are only to go short distances.