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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 15, 1917 Continued


H.W. Wilcox, well-known man about town of Medford, is in serious trouble at Ellensburg, Wash., and along with him is a young woman from Gold Hill, who is posing as his wife, according to a letter received today by Chief of Police Hittson from Sheriff Garrison of Ellensburg.

Wilcox is held on a charge of bootlegging and a slave charge will probably be preferred against him for transporting a woman from one state to another.

Wilcox' wife is at home in this city and was much surprised when called upon today by Chief Hittson and told that her husband was under arrest with a woman he claimed was his wife. The identity of the Gold Hill woman is not known at present.

Wilcox left here recently, announcing that he was going to Washington to either enlist or obtain railroad employment. That was the last heard of him until Chieff Hittson received the letter from Sheriff Garrison, in which the latter asked particularly if Wilcox had a wife here. The letter gave no details except that Wilcox was arrested for bootlegging, that the woman with him was also being held, but is thought to be from Gold Hill, and that both claimed that she is Wilcox' wife.

Wilcox, who is about 25 years old, for a year past or more had been employed in Rankin Estes' pool room on Front street, known as the Oaks. When Estes was arrested for bootlegging and sent to jail for six months, Wilcox ran the place for him and finally purchased it on the installment plan. Some time ago he got behind in his installments and Estes had to take the place back and sell it to another man.