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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 17, 1917


"Everybody in Jackson County Expected to Co-operate in War Work by Joining Relief Forces — Service Flags in Evidence — Auxiliaries Working Hard."

Jackson county, with characteristic patriotism, got the jump on the big Christmas drive for Red Cross membership by starting its canvass a day early, and this morning most of the stores of Medford were displaying their new "service flags" with an extra, small red cross for each employee subscribing to membership. A list of "hundred per cent," or honor roll stores, where every employee has become a member, will be published tomorrow.

The Red Cross button on the lapel is fast becoming a joyful necessity, not only to resist the importunate ladies who, under the direction of Mrs. Charles L. Schleffelin, are conducting the membership campaign, but also to ward off the friendly inquiry, "Haven't you joined the Red Cross?"

A number of enthusiadtic parents have bought their children memberships, finding that the child's enjoyment of the distinction of the button is greater than the pleasure they might obtain from some senseless toy — and the style is rapidly coming into vogue. If the Christmas spirit behind the membership is explained to the child, the little present may well become an instructive one.

Another new and commendable innovation was introduced into the campaign by the appearance of several automobiles with service flags pasted on their front glasses. Many individuals are following this lead, while the Aleo Taxi has equipped all of its cars with membership flags, indicating that the style for all public and private cars will be "Red Cross" during this Christmas week.

Quite a few farmers and people living at some distance from town availed themselves of the application blanks appearing in yesterday's Sun, as in the Mail Tribune today on page 9, and mailed them to Red Cross headquarters. This action greatly assists A.S.V. Carpenter, county campaign manager, and his busy coworkers , and shows an appreciation of their difficulties in covering the large rural territory. The committee thanks these individuals for their co-operation and will be grateful for further assistance.