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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 19, 1917


Dr. J. L. Helms, whose business is mostly that of caring for sick horses and cattle, now has taken on as a side issue Sheriff Ralph Jennings' goat, having obtained firm possession of the latter at the Christmas benefit auction sale at the Elks' club last night. Doc promises to keep it in good and sound condition.

The auctioneer early in the evening sold three bottles of tea put up nicely in whisky bottles with fancy labels of well-known brands of the Hornbrook irrigation stuff at fancy prices. Helms bid the first one in for about $6, and later went into a small room and opened it, discovering that he had been hoaxed. Then putting the bottle in his pocket he mingled with the crowd and every once in a while singled out a friend and invited him into the room for a little nip.

Each man thus fooled died game and came out smacking his lips and looking happy. Finally Sheriff Jennings, who had kept his eagle eye on Helms and the latter's invited guests, could stand the suspense no longer and thought it was time to close in.

Seizing the hose doctor by the shoulder he marched him thru the crowd and took him upstairs under arrest, Helms all the time protesting and asking him if he could not take a joke.

When they got upstairs Helms invited Jennings to smell the bottle. The latter took one wiff at the tea, turned pale and released his grip on Helms shoulder, and remarked rather sickly, "It's on me."


The annual Christmas auction sale of the Elks at their clubhouse last night broke all records for the lodge, and so as a result many needy and despondent persons will be made happy on Christmas day. Practically the full residence membership of the lodge was in attendance, as well as many members from Grants Pass and other parts of the county. The auction sale of donated goods and articles ranging all the way from a 15 cent collar button to a load of gravel, and including many groceries and foods, brought in $403.50, and $33.50 was donated in cash. In addition to this is the $70 profit realized from the recent vaudeville concert given by the Elks for Christmas.