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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 21, 1917


Lithia City Shames County Metropolis by Better Showing of Patriotism — Everyone Urged to do Their Share at Once and Prevent Disgrace

Returns at noon today showed that in the Christmas Red Cross membership campaign Ashland had increased its lead of nine, announced this morning, to 29. Lack of reports from a great majority of the Medford workers undoubtedly affects the total very materially and it is impossible to say what the status will be by night. A friendly rivalry has however sprung up between the Red Cross organization of the two cities which promises to be as thrilling as a world's series in the baseball world.

The Medford Red Cross feels assured that by the end of the day a comfortable lead will be established, inasmuch as the spirit of local pride has been added to the great desire of everyone to help the wonderful work of Red Cross among "our own boys" and in the countries of our allies. Also organization is being formed to materially increase the number of workers in the field in the Medford district so that the balance of the campaign will undoubtedly show a marked increase in the daily total of subscriptions to membership.


"Alice in Wonderland," which will be shown at the Rialto tonight and Saturday, is pronounced "simply irresistible" — a picture that all children should see and their parents can heartily enjoy.

All the fantastical characters of Carroll's whimsical fairy story are portrayed. There id Old Father Williams, to stand on his head and balance the eel on the end of his nose — there are Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the battle royal — there is the Mad Hatter and the March Hare — there is Bill the Lizard — the Mouse and his famous tail and all the strange people that Alice encounters in her journey down the rabbit's hole. The duchess is there with her baby that turns into a pig — the queen's gardeners paint the royal roses and the Cheshire Cat and his famous grin.

The play is produced under auspices of the Greater Medford club — the first of a series of wholesome and delightful films designed to provide suitable recreation for the children and call to mind the happy dreams of youth to grown-ups.