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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 24, 1917, Continued


Ted Clairy, who had been a member of the fire departments but a few weeks, left Friday, ostensibly for his former home at Ranier, Wash., leaving behind him a host of debts and taking with him his fireman's special police badge and keys to the city hall.

Clary is not expected to return and Fire Chief Lawton says if he should come back he could not resume his fireman's position. Clairy's debts amount to between $150 and $200, divided up among many persons and several merchants. Clairy recently purchased a Mitchell automobile from an Ashland dealer, and had made one or two payments, but before leaving he turned the car back to the dealer.

Clairy had only been a resident for about six months and spent the summer in the employ of the Crater Lake hotel company and drove one of the stages between here and the lake. When the Crater Lake season closed he worked for a time at a local garage and then was appointed to fill a vacancy in the fire department.

Last week Chief Lawton began to hear of the debts and gave Clairy a fatherly call down. Clairy borrowed some money and sent his wife away several days ago to Ranier. Then came a telegram from her saying that his father of mother was ill and for him to come home at once. Chief Lawton gave him permission to go and after borrowing more money on the strength of the telegram for a new suit and car fare he left the city. Chief Lawton thinks the telegram was a ruse to enable Clairy to dodge his creditors and leave the city.