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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 31, 1917


A 15-year-old boy was found in a deplorable state of intoxication by Night Policeman Coleman Sunday morning and was taken into custody. He was so badly intoxicated that he was unable to talk or walk.

Chief of Police Hittson took the case in charge and later in the day questioned the boy vigorously to learn where he obtained the liquor. The lad said that he and two other boys about his age obtained the liquor from an 18-year-old boy. The latter, who is not quite eighteen, when taken into custody, admitted that he had sold a bottle of whisky to the three boys. He said that he brought two bottles of whisky from Hornbrook several weeks ago and that he drank one bottle himself.

Acting Prosecuting Attorney Rawles Moore had the boys before Justice of the Peace Dox Monday noon at Jacksonville. It is probable that all the boys will be given into custody of the juvenile court.


One of the greatest eclipses of the sun ever observed will occur on June 8, and its visibility will be the greatest in the pacific northwest. The percentage of the total darkness produced by the eclipse in this part of Oregon will be close to 99 per cent, according to astronomers. The moon will obscure the face of the sun to that extent for some time on that day and only one hundredth of the sun's light will penetrate to this part of the earth. It is expected that darkness like that of a moonless night will prevail for a short period. The near total obscuration of the sun will last two minutes and for an hour, nearly, on each side of the eclipse the sunlight will either diminish or increase.


The United States civil service commission announces that a male clerk carrier, postoffice service, examination will be held at Medford Ore., on January 26, 1918, to establish an eligible register from which selection may be made to fill vacancies as they occur in the postitions of clerk and carrier at the Medford postoffice. Men only will be admitted to this examination.

Application blanks and information may be secured from Local Secretary Roland G. Beach, board of civil service examiners, at the postoffice, or the secretary, eleventh civil service district, 303 Postoffice building, Seattle, Wash.