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Feb. 4, 1918


The Agricultural Council of Jackson county met at the office of the county agricultural agent, Friday, Feb. 1st. President Joy, of Ashland, called the roll at 10 a. m. Committees were appointed at once to consider the following subjects:

Labor and crop survey.

Extension of 'farmers' organizations.

Rodent control.

Community livestock shipping.

Introduction of Pure Bred Livestock.

Fertilizer Campaign for the County

Mailing List for Agricultural Council News

After luncheon, the men adjourned to the library and continued in session until 4:30. The committee reported on the various subjects assigned to them, after thorough discussion decided on the following:

Labor and crop survey to be handled in each community by the respective council members. Each member pledging himself for certain designated districts. Personal supervision will be given to this matter by each council member. It was voted to encourage existing organizations and extend and organize all other districts in the county that are not thoroughly organized. Council members in every district will assist in this campaign of organization.

The rodent control campaign will be carried on a similar scheme to that of last year, but arrangements will be made for most distribution points. Campaign of advertising and large posters will be placed over the county with information relative to this line of work.

Council members were enthusiastic over the results obtained by the community shipments of livestock and each member will act as a committee in his district to encourage future shipments and farmers are urged to communicated with the various council members and arrangements will be made to carry on this line of work on a more comprehensive scale.