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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 12, 1918


February 12 marks the beginning of a concentrated effort on the part of the Junior Red Cross authorities to wage a membership drive ending February 22. Supt. Hillis, county chairman of the chapter school committee for Jackson county, is in touch with all the various branch school committees of the county and it is expected to make every school in the county a Red Cross center for national service. While the dues are 25 cents, the whole school collects and pays all dues all together.

The dues are used to buy materials for its own boys and girls to make into supplies needed by the Red Cross.

The schools generally all over the county are snipping scraps of cloth for comfort pillows, culling gun wipers, knitting scarfs and making garments for the refugee children in the war zone.

When a school has once joined the Junior Red Cross it can engage in any form of patriotic service which the government has approved. It can work for war savings; it can plant gardens; it can engage in salvage work of the raw material board; it can help the food administration or the council of defense, and all the while be acting as a part of the Junior Red Cross.

It can provide boys and girls with work to do which will be of real service, with opportunities for work which are practical and which lead to definite results, with specifications of articles to make which the Red Cross knows to be useful at this time. Parents can be sure that the money which goes to the Junior Red Cross will not be wasted.

The Junior Red Cross is morale. In joining it the pupil is allying himself with that great army of citizens which stands back of the boys at the front. This organization of boys and girls of America will put courage in the hearts and power in the elbow of the American soldier.