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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 14, 1918


W.N. Campbell, state director of explosives, has been summoned from Portland to prove the theft of 150 pounds of dynamite stolen from the powder house of the Beaver Portland Cement plant at Gold Hill. A quantity of fuse was also taken. While the dynamite may have been stolen to wreck railroad tunnels and bridges, Mr. Campbell is inclined to the belief that it has been taken by some hill rancher for use in clearing his farm. A former employee is under suspicion.

Everywhere thruout the state, extreme carelessness is manifested in the protection of explosives. Uncle Sam requires constant vigilance and those failing to comply face prosecution and confiscation.

At Lents, a suburb of Portland, Mr. Campbell destroyed 25 sticks of dynamite found in the possession of unauthorized person, while in a cannery percussion caps were found inserted in the machinery of a cannery, which had they gone off, would have destroyed the plant.


The Central Point Methodist church held a patriotic service flag dedication program Sunday morning at the church. A most fitting program consisting of songs and addresses stirred the audience to the highest patriotic fervor.

The high school glee club gave a special selection after which the mayor gave an earnest presentation speech and presented the service flag containing 31 stars in remembrance of those who have gone out from this church to fight the battles of democracy and freedom.

The pastor, Reverend Belnap then responded in behalf of the church, assuring the people of the high honor the world looked upon those who were represented upon this service flag, dedicated to all that is noble and best.

C.A. Meeker of Medford was present and contributed greatly to the service by rendering two splendid solos, "The Song of the Flag" and "Keep the Home Fires Burning."

The Central Point Methodist church has the record of any like organization of having the most stars in its service flag, which goes to show the truly American spirit that pervades this people.