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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 18, 1918


L.M. Hawk has received the following description of weather conditions back in his old home, Punxsutawney, Pa., from his brother, Aaron Hawk:

"It is just one freeze after another. And very little let-up on the snow fall.

But we are getting used to it.

Roads are drifted everywhere. In some places the cuts thru the drifts are ten feet deep.

Last Saturday night and Sunday morning was another of those 'coldest in history,' the mercury reaching to low mark of 27 degrees below zero. That was in town; in other places the thermometer showed colder.

"On Monday morning it was just about as cold, only one degree less.

Monday was a fuel-saving holiday and the plumbing shops were closed. Many of our residents wanted a plumber 'right away.' Pipes were frozen up and some had burst, but there was no one in the shops to answer the telephone. The situation grew desperate. It is reported that several men out on the hunt of a plumber happened to see one as he was turning a corner. They immediately pursued him. Others wanting a plumber joined in the chase and finally he was caught. All wanted him at once. One man claimed priority because he saw him first. Another said he had promised to do his work two weeks ago. The plumber said 'nothing doing,' the fuel administration had declared a holiday.

Some families in town have had a plumber on an average once a week. Pipes have burst, plaster has come down, carpets soaked and furniture ruined. One man said he has had a plumber so often that he believed he would install a plumbing plant in his house."