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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 22, 1918


Medford lovers of billiards have two big treats in store because of the visit here of Jake Schafer Jr., and Kiji Yamada, two of the great billiard stars of the United States.

They will play an exhibition game at 8 o'clock tonight at Briwn's playing 250 points 18.2 balk line. This contest will be followed by an exhibition of fancy shooting.

Tomorrow afternoon at the Elks club the crack visiting players will give a similar exhibition, which will be open to all Elks and specially invited guests.

Yamada and Schaefer have each accepted a challenge from Young Cochran, who recently defeated Morningstar, for the championship of the United States.


In celebration of the double victory over the girls and boys basketball teams of Ashland high at Ashland last night, the student body of the high school held a jolification this forenoon in the assembly room, during which they paraded around the room, sang songs and otherwise gave vent to their happiness. A large crowd is expected to attend the games at the Natatorium tomorrow night when the Ashland teams play a return date here.

The Medford high boys won over their opponents by the score of 40 to 32. The teams were pretty evenly matched until towards the end of the game when Coach Goodwin's boys showed their class and forged ahead.

The game between the girls teams was nip and tuck all the way thru, but the Medford girls kept a little ahead all the time. The score was 9 to 8.


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