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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 28, 1918


It was leaned today that G.T. Fawcett, agent at Grants Pass for the Wells-Fargo Express company, and formerly its Medford agent, has been discharged from the company's service because of his activity in connection with the work of the International Bible Student's association, Pastor Russell's Organization, which is suspected of sedition in connection with the war.

It will be remembered that citizens of Grants Pass last Sunday under the auspices of the local council of defense of that city, prohibited Pastor W.A. Baker of the association, whose home is in Brooklyn, N.Y., from giving an advertised lecture in Grants Pass, after they had summoned him before them and in answer to questions asked he said he did not approve of the government's war program, and that he was not a member of the Red Cross, and had not purchased any Liberty bonds of war savings stamps. Mr. Fawcett accompanied Pastor Baker to the inquisition.

The action of the Grants Pass council of defense in putting Baker on the rack and prohibiting his lecture was caused by information having been received of the government raid on the association headquarters in Toronto because of the association having distributed copies of a prohibited publication.

Jack Dent, of the Medford office of the Wells-Fargo Express company is filling the agent's position at Grants Pass temporarily.


While the weather for the past few days has been pleasant there have been wide variations of temperature in a short time. Tuesday morning was balmy with a temperature of 59 degrees. But between that time and 8 a.m. Wednesday, there was a drop of 13 degrees and the morning was sharp and frosty. This morning's lowest temperature was 25 1/2 degrees.