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Mail Tribune 100

March 5, 1918


In circuit court today the $5,000 damage suit of Viol Pfeister Kershaw, teacher of the Lone Pine, or Red Top, school district, against Mrs. Mary Crumm is on trial before the jury. This case has attracted wide attention in the Lone Pine district, the people of which are divided in their sympathies.

The plaintiff charges that after she was elected by the board as teacher Mrs. Crumm and Mr. and Mrs. Fed Moore circulated petitions and talk defamatory to her character, and she brought suit against each for $5,000 damages. The trials of Mr. and Mrs. Moore will follow as soon as the present case is disposed of. George M. Roberts is attorney for the plaintiff and Gus Newbury is attorney for Mrs. Crumm.


One of the largest checks ever received by the city, and certainly the biggest sum ever paid in at one time for local improvements, was received today from the Lanoille County Savings bank of Hyde Park, Vt., in payment for delinquent interest and assessments on improvement work due the city on the forty properties the bank holds in Medford. The check was for $2,047.26.

The bank got these properties thru loaning money on mortgages and the payment was made thru its local representative, C.A. Knight, who is at the present in the east, and who writes that if anything else is owing the city on the bank's holdings it will be paid at once after notification is received. Peculiarly, the check was made out in payment to City Attorney Fred C. Mears, instead of to the city treasurer, probably because all the correspondence with the bank has been conducted by Mr. Mears.

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