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Mail Tribune 100

March 15, 1918


Does Medford went a fruit evaporator to cost $12,000 with a capacity of 1,000 boxes of fruit per day?

Frank M. Radovan, of San Francisco, a well known Italian fruit commission merchant and expert evaporator of fruit, arrrived in the city yesterday and informed local business men and orchardists that he stands ready to put up such a factory, construction to start early in May and the evaporator to be ready for operation by June 15th.

Mr. Radovan would like assistance in securing a site but asks no bonus or stock subscriptions. He said: “I ask no bonus, no capital. I have no stock to sell, no favors to ask. All I want is the fruit. If necessary I am willing to lease from 200 to 300 acres and raise some of my own fruit and vegetables. But I want from a three to five year contract with the growers for 2,000 to 3,000 tons of vegetables and fruit — principally apples. I don’t want your high grade apples, no extra fancy stuff — merely the C grade and wind falls. I will pay cash on delivery and am ready to talk business now.”

Mr. Radovan called on County Pathologist C. C. Cate who has long been an advocate of establishing a dryer in the valley, and Mr. Cate decided to call a mass meeting of fruit men at the public library at 3 p.m. Saturday. At this meeting Mr. Radovan will present his contract and state his price.

Roseburg is bidding for the evaporator also and if Mr. Radovan can’t get what he wants in Medford he will return to Roseburg Monday.

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