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Mail Tribune 100

March 16, 1918, continued


Miss Doris Brophy of the Washington school won the spelling championship at the old-fashioned spelling bee held at the high school last night. Between twenty-five and thirty scholars from the local grade schools took part and the auditorium was packed with their school mates who cheered their respective favorites, whistled and yelled and all in all had the times of their young lives.

The senior spelling class opened the hostilities and the grown-ups melted away like ice on a hot griddle.

Finally L.E. Wakeman and Mrs. John Carkin were left and Mrs. Carkin put an “e” where an “i” should have been and had to take her seat.

To test our Mr. Wakeman’s true ability he was asked to spell “Peloponnesus” and after several minutes cogitation he decided to capitulate without a struggle. Mrs. Carkin was then given the opportunity to tackle the Spartan problem and came thru with flying colors.

Mr. Wakeman was declared the winner, however, and was given a prize chromo to hang in his office.

Attorney Gus Newbury, who used to conduct spelling bees in the Applegate presided at the meeting and propounded the words with the dignity and aplomb of which he is justly famous. The Junior Red Cross for whose benefit the spelling bee was held will net between $33 and $40 from the entertainment.

The teams from the grade schools were composed as follows:

Roosevelt — Mildred Nye, Rose Billings, May Heath, Ruth Phelan, Leon Leonard, Archie Pierce, Earl Hemphill.

Jackson — Robert Hart, Jack Torney, Eva Wolgamott, Aletha Billock, Howard Howell, Bertha Sieignont, Mildred Stillwell.

Lincoln — Harry Silnger, Howard Gault, Aletha Currier, Valerie Rochon, Jeanne Kent, Peter Pateman, Wyane Goff, Frank Perl.

Washington — Doris Brophy, Maurine McKeany, Viola Cole, Clyde McPherson, Susan Cole, Marion Hill, Lucile Meserve, James Hensen.


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