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Mail Tribune 100

March 20, 1918


Dr. Warren L. Cameron, a one time brilliant young physician with an exceptionally promising future, of a family of distinguished pioneers, and well known in the Applegate section, Jacksonville and this city, where he formerly practiced, is a confessed bootlegger in the city prison, awaiting the arrival of an officer from Portland to take him back to that city to be tried for bootlegging in connection with a ring of illicit liquor dealers with which it is claimed that he was connected.

Dr. Cameron was arrested Tuesday in a Medford boarding house, where he had been stopping for several days, by Acting Chief of Police Timothy, on long-distance telephone request from the Portland police.

He was recently arrested in Portland in connection with other bootlegging arrests, and was then released on his own recognizance to appear for trial. He then left Portland and came to Medford.

To Acting Chief Timothy, so the latter claims, Dr. Cameron made a confession that he had been bootlegging for some time, and that he would plead guilty when taken back to Portland, and take whatever punishment was coming to him. He dreaded a prison sentence, however, and hoped that he would be released on his promise to work in the shipyards.

“Dr. Cameron, whom I have known for years,” said Acting Chief Timothy this noon, “told me that the Portland police had found three gunnysacks full of bottles of booze in his quarters at Portland, and therefore is would be useless for him to deny his guilt. He told me that he had made a number of trips between Portland and California points to get liquor.

“It was easy for Dr. Cameron to take this liquor with him in grips on trains, as I understand he traveled back and forth with a Medford family with whom he has been closely associated for some time, to throw off suspicion.

“On Dr. Cameron I found a notebook giving the names of Portland citizens to whom he had sold booze, and containing other bootlegging data. I also found papers on him showing that he had tried unsuccessfully to get into army service as a surgeon.”

Dr. Cameron’s wife and only son died within the past year.