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Mail Tribune 100, Nov. 27, 1918 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Nov. 27, 1918 Continued


Mrs. E. N. Warner returned home this morning from Portland where she attended a convention of the county chairmen of the National Defense League of the state. The object of the convention was to meet W. A. Miline, chief speaker for the food administration, who gave an address on the food situation, and the necessity to still save food so that the millions of people in Europe will not starve and to urge the league thruout the state to cooperate with the food administration in getting general information over the state. He said that now the war is over, that many will forget that we still have to furnish food for the war country in Europe and may be inclined to waste food that would help over there. That it is not the intention to deny the people of this country the food that they need, but to conserve it. He said that Mr. Hoover was in Europe now to make an inventory of the food needed, and would soon inform us what is needed. After the convention, Mrs. Charles Castner, state chairman of the league, gave them a talk on child welfare work.


Harry B. Mills, manager of the Butte Falls Lumber company at Butte Falls, is in the city today on business. They are getting ready to operate the mill all winter and are building a plank road so that they can haul the logs in with trucks.


J. C. Pendleton came in from Table Rock yesterday to attend to some business matters. He did not forget that Thanksgiving day was near and brought some fine squash to some of his friends.


We are allowed 100 per cent sugar for December. Anticipating this two months ago we engaged one of the best candy makers on the coast. Eat more, give more of Shasta candy. Try our new line. Make “business as usual” a reality.


Medford and vicinity’s share of the large shipment of mail from France which landed the first of the week in New York is expected to arrive tomorrow to help along the Thanksgiving of those who have boys and friends “over there.”

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