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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 20, 1918

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Dec. 20, 1918


The following letter has been sent to all of the church, civic and fraternal organizations of this district by M. S. Janes, local superintendent of the Federal Employment service:

“As the matter of finding employment for returning soldiers and sailors is the most important that the U. S. Employment service has to face at this time, it is absolutely necessary that every citizen and every organization co-operate, advising the employment office at once as to any possible opportunities for employment for the boys as they return.

In several districts, throughout the country, the different organizations, through their well merited but misplaced zeal, have thoughtlessly worked independently of the service and of each other, to the detriment of the common object in view. Benefiting by this experience, it is the wish of the department of labor, working through the employment service, to avoid any such mistakes hereafter; combining all the organizations, such as the American Red Cross, all of the lodges, Y.M.C.A, K. of C., Federation of Labor, etc. in the work of finding positions for returned or discharged soldiers.

“This effective combination, working jointly through the U. S. Employment service, and at all times reporting to the service any available positions for the boys.

The U. S. Employment Service, as no other organization, is equipped to do its part, but must have the unstinted co-operation of all these organizations, and of each citizen, to make this work a success.

“With all this in mind, will you immediately advise the members of your organization of the object in view; asking each one and the organizations as a whole to work with the service wholeheartedly and advise this office whenever a possible position is open that could be filled by one of the boys as he is discharged from service.

“The U.S. Employment Service is the central organization, and with all the others co-operating, this district should experience little or no trouble in finding work for all of the boys upon their return.”

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