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Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 4, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Jan. 4, 1919


Medford and vicinity will certainly be on pins and needles until the 65th artillery in which are from 30 to 40 former Seventh company members, arrives from France. It is presumed from all reports that the 65th is on its way home, and the latest report, which comes by way of Eugene, is that the command is coming by way of the Panama canal and San Francisco.

Letters just received in this city from Medford boys of the 65th, and dated December 10th, stated that the regiment had turned over all its military equipment, except uniforms, at headquarters and had only its private belongings. This, the letters stated, indicated that they were to be soon ordered to sail for home.

A letter was received in Eugene on Thursday from Wiley Knighten, formerly a member of the Second company, O. A. C., but now in the ordnance headquarters in New York, the text of which according to the Eugene register, reads as follows:

“I met a boy, a sailor, in the Y. M. hut, Forty-second and Broadway, Wednesday evening whom I went to school with in Forest Grove and he said that the coast artillery sailed direct to San Francisco from France, so no doubt you will see them soon. This sailor is on the U. S. S. George Washington, which took President Wilson to France.”

In going to France the 65th proceeded to the Atlantic seaboard by way of San Francisco and the Panama canal, and it is presumed that the boys are coming home the same way. Landing at San Francisco, it is expected that they will proceed by train to Fort Stevens or Camp Lewis to be demobilized, or it is possible that they will disembark at Astoria or Tacoma, depending upon whether Fort Stevens or Camp Lewis is to be the place of mustering out.


Willing hands make quick work. Let there be an overflow in the Red Cross sewing rooms of willing hands so that we may make quick work of our allotment of refugee garments. We have less than 60 days in which to finish these and we want every article on its way before the time is up.


Sewing, knitting, knitting and sewing. Take your choice without money or without price, but it will take some of your time that may or may not be valuable. Come and help us just the same, even if you can only thread needles and bite off thread.

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