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Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 20, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Jan. 20, 1919


Colonel E. E. Kelly has consented to give a lecture at Page theater upon the war as he saw it, the proceeds to go to the Medford Red Cross, next Wednesday evening, January 22. An admission fee of 25 cents will be charged.

Colonel Kelly returned last week from France where he spent over a year, all of the time at the front, and on the firing line since the Americans got into action. His first work was in organizing the line of communication of the advanced section for the American expeditionary forces. From Toul and other headquarters, he virtually covered the Alsace-Lorraine front. He went to Chateau Thierry in June with the marines and regulars and was a witness of the first battle, which definitely halted the German rush to Paris. When the Germans launched their last offensive, July 15, he was at Rheims, one of the principal objectives.

In September, he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel and assigned to the 80th or Blue Ridge division as chief signal officer. He participated in the St. Mihiel drive and in the Argonne fighting, closing the war at Sedan.

Colonel Kelly was gassed in the Argonne, and on November 4, while walking with a party of signal men, was caught by a bursting shell and thrown 50 feet, badly bruised and made deaf for a month. The four others in the party were instantly killed. He is a modest man and loath to talk about himself, but he must have been the hero of several exploits, for his discharge certificate reads “Three times recommended for the distinguished service medal.”

Colonel Kelly presents an entirely new viewpoint of the war and our allies and gives a most interesting dissertation on the great conflict.


To the farmers, orchardists and placer miners the frequent rains since January 12 are pleasing. It will take much more rain to make up the deficiency so far this season. It was raining again today and the prediction was for rain tonight and Tuesday. Since the recent cold spell about 1 1/2 inches of rain has fallen in Medford and vicinity. The first good rainfall was Friday, Jan. 12, when .25 of an inch fell. Since Jan. 15 the fall was 1.08. Last Saturday night the precipitation was .46 and last night and this morning the rainfall .02 of an inch, making .48 for the two days.

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