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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 7, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Feb. 7, 1919


After hours of brotherly content and enjoyment in which was mixed much sentiment, humor, near-humor and general good feeling, with not a discordant feature in sight except the dress suits worn by the past exalted rulers, the Medford Elks had to go and crab everything late last night, and right in the presence, too, to their many Ashland guests of honor. Besides it being past exalted rulers night it as also hair-lip and crab night, the star feature of the social session being hair-lip stories and the piece de resistance of the banquet being an abundant supply of fresh sea crabs.

Just why the past exalted rulers of the lodge should appear in full dress suits, which no doubt are hired for the occasion from local clothing stores, puzzles the vast majority of members of the lodge, except that the former head guys are following a foolish custom started years ago. These full dress suits mar the pleasure of an otherwise perfect day. Colonel Kelly who was acting as chairman of the social session voiced the sentiments of the lodge when he was asked to fine Gus Newbury and T. E. Daniels, the only past exalted rulers not in dress suits, by saying, “I haven’t the heart to do it for I wouldn’t wear one of the darn things myself.”

Conspicuous features of the social session were the felicitations of Grandpa Brown, the speech of Vernon Vawter in accepting the nomination for re-election as treasurer, and the addresses of C. V. Carter, Prof. Irving Vining and Exalter Ruler Nininger of the Ashland delegation.

A sublime exhibition of brotherly feeling and the absolute confidence and trust of the local Elks in the fairness of the Ashland Elks was seen when the large delegation of visitors was given a five-minutes start in the banquet room before the hungry Medford bunch, numbering hundreds, wended their way to the board. This trust was not misplaced, for it developed there was plenty for all.

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