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Mail Tribune 100, April 5, 1919 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

April 5, 1919 Continued


The announcement by the industrial accident commission that employers and employees operating under the workmen’s compensation law will be exempt from payment into the fund for the months of April, May and June comes at a most opportune time. It relieves Oregon industry from a burden during the readjustment period. The exemption is possible because of a surplus that accumulated in the fund during the past year. The exempting of this three-months’ period will mean that no payments will have been made into the fund by employers and employees for seven of twelve months of the fiscal year ending June 30. The effect of these exempted months is to reduce the rate of payment made by employers upon their payrolls to five-twelfths of the base rate. The exemption just declared by the commission will relieve employers from the payment of approximately $600,000.00 into the fund for the months of April, May and June, the commission having sufficient funds on hand to pay all claims during the period.

The recent legislature, at the suggestion of the commission, amended the compensation law, changing the method of exemption so as to provide an annual credit refund to employers instead of the monthly exemption system. Under the old law the employer had to have continuous payrolls to be entitled to the exemptions as they were declared, but under the new law the employer will be given credit at the end of the year for the proportion his payments into the fund bear to the entire amount.


The new law just passed by the recent legislature make it necessary for every farmer to eradicate such varmints as gophers, moles, rabbits, and etc., whenever they become a nuisance or menace to any community.

The Jackson County Farm Bureau will carry on an educational campaign with regard to these pests during the season of 1919. Different methods will have to be employed to eradicate these animals and the law will probably not be enforced to the limit this season. The county agent will furnish information to any farmer relative to eradication of gophers, moles, rabbits, etc.

Gophers are eradicated by trapping and poisoning while moles can only be controlled by trapping. Various poisonous baits may be used for controlling rabbits and formulas for same may be obtained by applying to the county agent. Demonstrations will be given during the year in various parts of the county as to the best methods of trapping and poisoning gophers and for trapping moles. Do your share by cooperating with the farm bureau in this work and we hope to accomplish good results along these lines.

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