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Mail Tribune 100, April 9, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

April 9, 1919


Another war relic treat is in store for the people of Medford and all those persons who desire to see a war tank in action should be down town at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow when their desire will be gratified.

A French whippet tank, which saw service in France, making a tour thru the state as a part of the Victory loan campaign will arrive in the city from Ashland at 9:30 a.m. in charge of several soldiers and after being run over the downtown street will stop at the Nash hotel or some other prominent corner, where after several four-minute talks have been given by real orators will proceed on its way upstate.

The tank will be in charge of Clarence Likens, the Portland overseas veteran who won fame and a Croix de Gurre with a palm for distinguished service in France. He will demonstrate the tank and answer all questions. Likens, it will be remembered, was the soldier in charge of the tank on the war relics train during its recent visit here.

He went over the top three days in succession at the battle of the Argonne in an exactly similar tank and each day the driver of the tank was killed and he had to pull his body out of the tank. On the evening of the fourth day a German shell struck the tank, killing the driver and badly wounding Likens. He suffered a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and was also gassed.

The next stop after leaving Medford tomorrow will be at Central Point which will be reached it is expected, some time in the early afternoon. The tank will arrive today in Ashland, having been shipped from California.


Dr. E. B. Pickel, city health officer, issued the following order today:

Save lives by swatting the fly.

A pair of flies destroyed in April is equal to a million killed in August.

Flies breed in filth, feed on it and carry it to your food. Clean up manure piles — the fly’s breeding ground — not less than twice a week.

Keep all garbage cans well covered and wash them weekly.

All fruits to be eaten uncooked should be screened from flies. Food exposed to flies may be good for pigs but not fit for a human being.

Bread, cake and pies trampled over by flies are growing disease producing germs by the tens of thousands hourly.

Keeping your houses well screened is money well invested. You will keep out the flies and may escape the doctors.

A room infested with flies is not a decent place in which to live. Fido and Tabby will drink milk from a fly specked glass or cup, but Fido and Tabby don’t reason.

E. B. PICKEL, City Health Officer.

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