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Mail Tribune 100, April 12, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

April 12, 1919


Clifford Snyder, the 14 year old Washington school boy who has been sent to a state school for correction twice, is in trouble again and in the hands of the authorities because of his fondness for joyriding.

The lad’s latest escapade was the driving of a saddle horse, belonging to Chas. Hoover, the dairyman, nearly to death. Thursday morning Mr. Hoover left his horse near a Bear creek pasture to look over some cattle he had grazing there, and in his absence the Snyder boy, who was playing hookey from school, wandered along, mounted the horse and galloped away.

Mr. Hoover as soon as he discovered the absence of the horse and learned that a boy had driven the animal away hurriedly got an automobile and started in pursuit. He finally came upon young Snyder between Medford and Eagle Point. The horse was nearly dead. Sheriff Terrill took the boy into custody and he will be arraigned before the juvenile court.

A year ago young Snyder perpetrated a similar exploit, taking a team of horses from the country which were tied down town, and driving the animals all that night and part of the next day before he was caught.


Butte, Mont., April 12 — Special officers in the employ of the county attorney today seized 150 cases of bonded whiskey, together with several cases of other liquors and champagne of an aggregate estimated value of $15,000.

The liquor was stored in a house here from where it was said to have been stolen last night after the caretaker and his wife had been seized and bound. Today it was traced to the basement of a business block and removed to the court house.

One man has been arrested on suspicion of having knowledge of the robbery and it is expected that other arrests will follow.


Frank Coleman who has been helping out the sheriff’s office during the tax paying period has definitely decided not to accept the position of chief deputy sheriff, made vacant last week by the unexpected resignation of H. C. Sparr of Ashland, and which was tendered him by Sheriff Terrill. Miss Flora Thompson has been holding the position temporarily since Mr. Sparr resigned and Sheriff Terrill said today that since Mr. Coleman had refused the job he would probably continue Miss Thompson in the position. Mr. Coleman plans to leave the city in a month or so.

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