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Mail Tribune 100, May 2, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 2, 1919


For driving an automobile in an intoxicated condition down the Siskiyous and speeding thru Ashland and along on the Pacific highway to Medford, after he had escaped the custody of Deputy Sheriff McFurson yesterday, Charles Mulholland, well known young Medford man who returned from military service in France a month ago was sentenced to 15 days in the county jail today.

Wednesday evening the young man took his father’s automobile from home for the ostensible purpose of going down town on an errand. Instead he loaded several boon men companions in the car and started on a tour of northern California towns. When neither he nor the car had shown up by late last night his father called on the authorities to trace them. Deputy Sheriff McFurson was placed on the case and in a car trailed the party from Hilt, Hornbrook, Montague and Yreka to Hornbrook, where late yesterday afternoon he located the car.

McFurson then had the job of getting the two autos and Mulholland back to Medford. He decided that the young man could drive his own car slowly ahead after cautioning him repeatedly not to drive fast. They had to stop several times in coming over the mountain to replenish the water supply of the cars. The last stop was made on this side of the Siskiyous to place some water in McFurson’s car. While the deputy sheriff was at the spring Mulholland put on extra steam suddenly and sped away towards Medford.

McFurson did not try to press him for fear of exciting him to greater speed. Mulholland swayed back and forth across the road, keeping other motorists frantically dodging out of the way. Finally he struck the rear of a car an bumped it into the ditch.

McFurson could not reach a phone in time to call up the Ashland police to head off the runaway but on reaching Ashland phoned Medford police headquarters. Chief Timothy and Policeman Adams started at once in a taxi for the southern outskirts of the city to stop Mulholland and just arrived at the city limits at 6 p.m. when they saw him coming at tremendous speed along the highway. When they hailed him he halted.

Mulholland pleaded guilty in court today and begged hard to be let off with a fine. In view of his military record and his promise not to drink any more Justice Taylor made the sentence as lenient as possible.

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