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Mail Tribune 100, May 3, 1919 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 3, 1919 Continued


That’s a darn poor place to have a painter working during the day, said a traveling man entering one of Medford’s large retail stores yesterday. He was brushing with a handkerchief at a splash of white on his shoulder.

The merchant apologized that the accident had happened, and finally satisfied the stranger.

Everyday this week painters have been making store fronts like new, and window trimmers have been working far into the night down in the basements and stock rooms getting surprises ready for the crowds next Monday night, when Medford’s Victory Week opens.

Week Means Much

Few persons realize what this week means to Medford, said a traveling man who passes thru the city often. This gentleman has been selling goods to Medford merchants for a long time and knows a number of persons very well. “This week of Victory windows and Victory sales makes your city look like a metropolitan place several times its size. You do not know how many people get the same impression. I so and you have no idea the results that come back to the city as a result of the slight expense and work that the stores go to in preparing for the event.

“It’s something the whole city can take pride in Victory Week and at the same time show their spirit and loyalty.”

And what the man says is true. Medford people are proud of their city. They do not apologize for its size, but on the other hand point to what the big little city has done and is going to do.

Medford is fortunate in having some of the best window trimmers on the coast.

Special Features

Through arrangements for Victory Week the city band has been engaged and will give an opening concert at 8 o’clock Monday evening. Following this the National Guards under the direction of Captain Canady will give an exhibition on the streets. The store windows will be opened at 9 o’clock. One minute before 9 the lights in the whole city will be turned out and this will be the signal for all merchants to uncover their windows for inspection by the crowds.

The balance of the evening will be turned into a carnival of noise and fun and there will be a well conducted street dance.

Saturday night is fools night and everybody, man, woman and child, is asked to wear a mask, wear clown suits, blow horns, sing or do any other thing you want to do, just so you be honorable.

Mr. Millard will be in charge of the community sing. The high school will lead and all join in old songs that we all know.

A cyclone of fun for old and young.

Let the old town rock.

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