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Mail Tribune 100, May 14, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 14, 1919


Eugene, Ore., May 14 — Six pairs of homing pigeons were taken to each of the ranger stations in the Cascade national forest Sunday and will be trained to carry messages from the men who go out to fight fires to the different stations to which they are attached. The birds were taken to Oak Ridge, McKenzie bridge and Reserve, where the stations are located.

The plan is to use these pigeons when a call for help to extinguish forest fires is urgent. The “fire chasers” will take them along in cages when looking for fires and if it is found that any of the fires needs a larger force of men to combat them the birds will be liberated with a message telling just how many men and what equipment is needed.


“Some parade,” was the verdict of the hundreds of people who lined the sidewalks of Medford this morning to witness the Al G. Barnes pageant of gaily caparisoned horses, beautifully adorned circus wagons, trained animals, funny clowns and a myriad of other attractions that invited and forecasted a splendid and thrilling program at the circus grounds. The Barns circus has been in Medford many times before, and has never failed to attract large crowds.

The performances started this afternoon with a pageant called Alice in Jungleland. Mr. Barnes has given a masterpiece to the world when he wrote this grand operatic spectacle. One must see this beautiful creation to fully enjoy its enhancing beauty.

A new and beautiful ballet of forty dancing horses and forty dancing girls is another new and novel offering. Besides the clowns, wild animal features, wild and tame animals, over two hundred performers and trainers of wild animals take part including the following:

Miss Mabel Stark, the lady who handles man-eating tigers, performs wonderful stunts and passes all expectation when she wrestles a big full grown tiger.

Martha Florine, a dainty little miss of 97 pounds, subjugates 20 lions in one cage — every monster big enough to crush her to death with their paws.

Margata Ricardo, Cleo Wever, Elizabeth MacCarty, Joe Miller, Bert Dennis, Charles Berry, Robert Thornton, Doe Weber, Austin King, are a few of the 200 trainers that help make the audience gasp with thrills.

Miss Bessie Harvey, $60,000 a year opera singer, pleased the artistic eye and ear. This gifted golden-voiced singer carries a charm that will long be remembered.

“Kinko” and 30 clowns made the kiddies and grown-up yell with delight at their funny antics.

110 distinctive animal features are presented. This year, bigger and better than ever, the Barnes show has surpassed all previous years’ records.

A clean, moral, up-to-date entertainment that all should see. Again tonight the doors open at 7 p.m., performance at 8 p.m. at baseball park.

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