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Mail Tribune 100, May 17, 1919 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 17, 1919 Continued


Those who question the advisability of irrigation in this valley, should interview Frank Loder, who leaves today for his home in Redding, Calif., after attendance at the funeral of his uncle, the late R. H. Hailey.

Loder is back in the power business again, after resigning from his position as solicitor and field tutor for the correspondence school. He is now with the Northern California Power company, and his especial mission has been for months past the installation of power plants for pumping water from the Sacramento river for the rice fields. Among the notable outfits he has installed are four units, each of 500 h.p. of the four pumps drawing 50,000 gallons per minute from the river channel into the company flues. Another of three units of 150 h.p. each, for another company. Within six miles of the latter additional units totaling 1500 h.p., all for the purpose of elevating water to the ditches for rice culture, which has proven a phenomenal success in that section, as a result of war prices.

The land is reclaimed land, of the desert type, and the heavily capitalized companies, after installing the pumping plants and laying out and constructions the necessary contour ditches, sublet the land, including water privileges, for over $50 per acre, annual rental. Many yields were reported last year of 50 bags to the acre, averaging in value $5 per bag for the rice, of which several varieties are grown.

Mr. Loder says it is folly for anyone to fight irrigation in this valley.


Bicycle riders will be interested in the following announcement of a series of bicycle races to be held in Medford soon, open to all comers from the Rogue river valley according to the classes named.

Rogue river valley amateur bicycle race to be held at Medford, Ore., on Decoration day, May 30, 1919, beginning at 2 p.m. Events:

1 mile—Open to boys under 13 years.

1 mile—Open to boys under 15 years

1 mile—Open to all comers.

1 mile—Handicapped

3/4 mile—Slow race

Prizes: The full list of prizes to be announced later. Eastern manufacturers are interested and will contribute prizes. In addition prizes are assured from Piper & Taft of Seattle; Pacific Motor Supply company of San Francisco; Harley-Davidson Motor company; Mayor C. E. Gates and W. R. Gaylord.

Entries: All entries must be made in writing on blanks to be furnished; must be filed with W. R. Gaylord, Medford, Ore., on or before May 29th at 6 o’clock p.m. All minors must have the written permission of their parents or guardian. All entrants must be residents of Jackson, Josephine or Curry county and must be amateurs.

The co-operation of the city officials of Medford is assured, and Chief of Police George O. Timothy will act as the official starter for the races. The races will start on the Pacific highway and will be run so as to finish at the Natatorium.

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