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Mail Tribune 100, May 26, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 26, 1919


The Spring Festival to be held at Medford for six days and nights beginning tonight, will be the largest outdoor fun frolic ever held in Jackson county. There will be 50 distinct amusement features all under canvas, the tents occupying three acres of ground at Fifth and Fir streets, opposite the S. P. passenger depot. The Foley & Burk Combined Shows, comprising the principal attractions of the fete, have grown to such proportions that they cannot be crowded on the lot used in Medford in former years, so a new location had to be secured. Shows that last season exhibited in ordinary sized tents this year occupy tents 150 feet long, and the number of attractions have been quadrupled. Besides the two ring trained animal hippodrome, menagerie and aviary, Foley & Burk present a monster circus side show, picturesque Hawaiian village, monkey auto races and other novel and moral exhibitions.

Among the new rides is the jazz whirl. A fellow starts off with his own girl and winds up with someone else’s, so completely is the crowd “scrambled,” but the “sorting” is easily effected. Another new joy riding device is the bug house. Every body is “bugs” about it. Other popular rides are the Ferris wheel, the largest owned by a traveling organization, and a $10,000 merry-go-round.

A cordial invitation is extended the people of Jackson county to visit the festival at Medford, witness the sensational free acts and enjoy the novel sights of the $50,000 midway. There will be plenty of music and fun for everybody.


Colonel Lewis P. Campbell, John F. Risley, Lieutenant L. R. Mullineaux and Lieutenant S. T. French were in Medford today making arrangements for the flying circus which will perform here as a preliminary feature to the Portland Victory Rose Festival, June 11th, 12th, 13th.

The two lieutenants are flying veterans who saw active service in the war and they were taken about the valley by H. L. Walther and J. W. Dressler to select a landing field. Colonel Campbell urged that Medford and Jackson county be represented in the Goddess of Victory parade which will be held the first day. Every community in the state is invited to participate a feature being the war record of the community on the car. Will Steel, secretary of the Commercial club, took the visitors around town and assisted them in arousing local interest. A number of Medford people plan to attend the festival which will undoubtedly be the greatest of the kind ever held in the state.

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