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Mail Tribune 100, May 31, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 31, 1919


The government recently addressed a letter to the Sacred Heart hospital asking as to the prospects of getting an X-ray machine, together with a laboratory outfit. The object in making the inquiry is that many war hospitals are being abandoned and the inmates will be sent to such institutions thruout the country as can handle them satisfactorily. An answer was about to be returned that there was no prospect whatever for securing such an equipment, when Dr. Sweeney asked that the answer be delayed until he could see just what he could accomplish. He estimated that the X-ray would cost about $1,000, for which purpose the following parties contributed $100 each: Dr. Chas. T. Sweeney, Will G. Steel, Mrs. A. Keliehor, Dr. Harry Hart, John S. Orth, John A. Perl, Frank M. Radovan, J. Gagnon, C. J. Haas and Dr. P. C. Donovan.

For the purpose of securing the necessary laboratory equipment and for installation, Mrs. J. F. Reddy and Mrs. C. L. Schieffelin have raised by voluntary subscriptions over $500, which will be increased as may be necessary to meet every requirement for the best outfit that is available in the market.


Another weather record was broken in Medford and the valley which was visited by a frost this morning, the latest frost for this time of year ever known so far as the weather records show. The minimum temperature of 31.7 degrees in Medford came just shortly before 7 a.m., and this means a temperature of from one to four degrees lower in some other parts of the valley.

Much damages was done to the potatoes, tomatoes, beans and other garden produce generally in Medford and vicinity, especially in the low lands along Bear creek. The full extent of the frost damage will not be known until tomorrow. According to County Agent Cate fruit was not damaged. In several parts of the city thin ice was formed, and one west side man who picked up his hose to spray his garden at about 5 a.m., discovered that the water in the nozzle was frozen up.

Fair and warmer weather is the welcome prediction for Sunday.

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