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Mail Tribune 100, June 2, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 2, 1919


As the result of an auto smashup this noon in which no one was hurt, but two cars were badly wrecked, a man who caused the accident and whose name was not known at the time of going to press was arrested by Chief of Police Timothy, and after having been questioned by County Prosecutor Roberts, was locked up on the charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated.

The accident occurred in West Sixth street, beside the Hotel Holland. A Maxwell car belonging to Mrs. Manning of Central Point was standing at the curb when the unknown in an Overland car came east on Sixth street at a fair rate of speed, and something went wrong with the steering gear of his car, as the machine lurched to one side and struck Mrs. Manning’s car.

While Chief Timothy was searching the man’s car the driver sneaked a bottle of liquor from his pocket and laid it on the pavement. He was to have had his hearing late this afternoon before Judge Taylor.


Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kubli of Jacksonville were Portland visitors yesterday. Mr. Kubli is engaged in the stock business and is the third generation to reside on the original Kubli farm, says the Portland Journal of Sunday. “When his attention was called to this fact, he incidentally remarked that there was another generation growing up on the same place. He has three children. Mr. Kubli is a nephew of State Representative Kubli of Portland, who many years ago made a place for himself in the Jackson county hall of fame by breaking the tie score in the last half of the ninth inning when there were three men on bases and two men out by walloping a home run, thereby making the Jacksonville ball team victorious over the visiting Ashland nine. Those were the days when county seat fights entered into ball games as well as into politics. Both factions were well represented that particular day and excitement ran high. Incidentally it might be mentioned that there was a slight wager of $900 up in the game. The celebration following this mighty swat is still talked about in Jacksonville according to the visiting Mr. Kubli.


Every voter with a desire to vote intelligently at tomorrow’s election should attend the meeting at the public library hall tonight to hear the various measures explained and discussed upon which they are to cast their votes.


Samuel Christianson and sons, Howard and Leland, and daughters, the Mises L. and F. Christianson, are an auto party at the Hotel Medford enroute from their home at Crescent City to San Francisco where they expect to locate permanently. Mr. Christianson, whose wife died three weeks ago, was a former resident of Phoenix, and this is his first visit to Medford in 20 years. He used to hunt rabbits in the business section of the city, and marvels at the great changes from the Medford of his time.

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