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Mail Tribune 100, June 5, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 5, 1919


University of Idaho, Moscow, June 5.— “Men are more intelligent than women.

“Women have better language sense, they talk more than men.”

“Older students of the same class are less intelligent than younger students.

“Each class is more intelligent than the one below it.

“Men are more intelligent than women of the same age.

“Women have better common sense than men.”

These are the findings of Professor H. B. Reed of the department of psychology after a series of searching examinations.

The examination was given to 225 men and 159 women. Careful records were made of the answers and the results were averaged. That men 18 years old or older are more intelligent than women of the same age is shown by a table Professor Reed has drawn up of students who received a grade of medium intelligence, ranging from 117 to 142 points.

This table indicates that women 17 years old average ten points higher than men of the same age, but that the men catch up with them the next year thereafter and that men 22 years old average 8 points higher in intelligence than the women. This means, according to Professor Reed, that the men have more opportunity to get out into the world and that women are more closely confined to the home and domestic duties.


The hottest day of the summer season so far was yesterday with a maximum temperature of 93 degrees, and today with a minimum temperature this morning of 46 degrees promised to be at least as warm. “Fair” weather is the prediction for Friday and the weather map shows that fair weather is prevailing all over the Pacific coast.


H. B. Tronson had a narrow escape from death yesterday when the steering gear on his car broke on a hill near Eagle Point, the car going off the side of the road and fifty feet down a steep embankment. Aside from several cuts about the face, Mr. Tronson escaped injury, but the car was badly wrecked.


In the current issue of the Blue Book magazine appears as the lead story the first of a series of twelve stories by the Medford writer, Edison Marshall, under the title “From a Frontiersman’s Diary.” The scenes are laid in the Lake of the Woods and Fish lake sections of this county and some of the characters portrayed in the series are real hill residents of those parts.

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