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Mail Tribune 100, June 13, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 13, 1919


Ashland, June 13.— Anent the approaching school election, which will be held on Monday, June 16, the following communication explains itself, as signed by Mrs. Gordon MacCracken and Mrs. Henry T. Elmore, in behalf of the local parent-teacher association, and addressed to the parents of Ashland:

“The biennial election of the school board of the city of Ashland takes place Monday, June 16th. We ask your careful consideration of school matters at this time. Would it not be advisable for you to attend this meeting and vote for you candidate? All legal voters are entitled to a vote for the new director. Do not leave this matter to your neighbor; begin to think about the matter and vote yourself. Would you like to see a capable woman added to our board? We think the mothers come in closer contact with school matters than the fathers. Why not be represented by one of the able mothers of our Parent-Teacher association? The majority of our Oregon cities are so represented. Let’s not be behind in matters so important in our community.”

In line with this suggestion, it is understood that Mrs. H. C. Galey will be a candidate for school director. She has ample qualifications for the place and stands for the highest ideals in the way of educational development, with all the concurrent advantages which the term implies. Another candidate is W. M. Poley, well know local business man, whose qualifications are also No. 1. Only one director is to be chosen, to fill a vacancy caused by expiration of the term of G. G. Eubanks, who positively declined to be a candidate for re-election.


A school election will be held Monday. It is important the voters should, in order to vote intelligently, have all the facts. Unless they have all the facts the budget may be defeated, which will merely mean another election to add to already high expenses, and another vote on approximately the same propositions. For according to the members of the school board this money will have to be raised of the schools closed.

The budget provides for a direct tax to raise $82,245 as against a direct tax last year of $55,086, and increase of $27,159. This is a tremendous increase but an analysis shows the increase is actually only about $14,000, equalized by the necessary increase in teachers salaries.

In addition, various state laws have increased the expenses of school administration, matters entirely beyond the control of the local administration. There is a new law making physical training compulsory which necessitates an increase in the appropriation in this department. A part time school for those who have not passed the eighth grade is also compulsory, which also adds to the expense. An increase in the teaching staff is necessary for the Northwestern Association of Secondary Schools requires a certain number of pupils per teacher — a demand which it is desirable to comply with necessitating an increased teaching force.

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