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Mail Tribune 100, June 23, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 23, 1919


Six men were fined in Judge Taylor’s court this forenoon on intoxicating liquor charges, and a woman who was arrested with two of the offenders was released. The arrests were made by Sheriff Terrill and Chief of Police Timothy.

Late Saturday night as Chief Timothy was on his way home from a picture show the noise being made by two men and a woman in an auto on West main street between Central avenue and Front street, attracted his attention, and he arrested William Wolgamott, owner of the car, Oscar Peterson and the woman, sending the latter to the county jail where her parents called for her in an hour or so and she was released on her own recognizance. The men were teaching her to drive the car when the arrests were made.

Oscar Peterson was fined $50 and sentenced to 30 days in the county jail for being intoxicated and having two pint bottles of booze in his possession. William Wolgamott was fined $15 and costs for having two pints of whiskey in his car. No charge was made against the young woman who bears a good reputation and had not been drinking.

Late last night in the Siskiyous Sheriff Terrill and a deputy arrested four men from the Gold Hill section returning from Hornbrook in an auto after the officers had found fifty pints of whiskey in their possession. They are all hardworking men and are not bootleggers, saying that they were taking the booze to their homes for their own consumption in order to be prepared for the long, long dry spell which will soon be here. The offenders, Roy Shurte, Lounce Goodwin, John Knotts and Floyd Robinson were each fined $15 and costs.


The rejection of the school budget at last Monday’s election should serve to awaken the citizens of Medford to a sense of their duty regarding school matters. Our public school system is the prime factor in the development of our future citizens and as such is entitled to the thoughtful consideration and loyal support of every intelligent American, not only do we owe it to the rising generation to give them the advantages of a good up to date school system, is the prime factor when considered from a business standpoint alone, is a good investment for a community like Medford. Almost invariable the first question asked regarding a place in which a man of family is contemplating making a home is “Do you have good schools?”

It is only within that last few months that Medford high school has been placed on the accredited high school list of the state; this means that hereafter, provided the present standard is maintained, graduates of our high school will be permitted to enter colleges or universities without spending six months to a year in preparatory work as has formerly been the case.

It is true that the budget is much higher than that of last year but under present living conditions that is inevitable, the members of your school board are all tax payers and are just as vitally interested in a true economy as are the voters who turned down our budget at last Monday’s election but we are not interested in the kind of economy which would deprive our children of that which is due them in the way of education.

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