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Mail Tribune 100, June 24, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

June 24, 1919


Court Hall has accepted the local agency and management for leading booking firms in the east to handle their tourist trade to Crater Lake for the 1919 season. Mr. Hall’s duties will consist of handling all telegrams and letters, meeting the tourists at trains and hotels, and arranging tours either by private autos or regular auto stage.

Mr. Hall has arranged six different sets of tours for the Crater Lake travel this season. These tours are from two to five days duration, each one different and attractive. Mr. Hall is so well acquainted with the scenic attractions on Crater Lake tours that the eastern booking firms had him arrange their itineraries.

The road is now open up over the mountain, and autos can get within one mile of Crater Lake. By July 1st autos can get to Crater Lake hotel. Indications are that there will be a big travel to Crater Lake this season.


Last night’s concert in the high school auditorium closes the musical programs at the high school for this year. A large crowd was present to hear the band concert, which was one of the best amateur musical programs given in Medford in some time. The members of the band should be complimented for the wonderful progress they have made during the past school year.

When listening to these boys you would think if you did not see them that they were mature men, when in fact many of them are small boys from the grade schools.

The forte passages were played with precision and a big full round tone, not brassy as the usual band plays. In their piano passages they played a very sympathetic tone. The overtures played showed consistent study and careful interpretation. We desire to make special mention of the playing of Mr. Irvine Terrill who played “Bohemian Girl’ as a baritone solo. This was extremely well done. Mr. Everett Brayton sang “I Would Find You, Dear” in a very finished manner. Mr. Brayton is the possessor of a very fine tenor voice, and Medford high school should be proud that they have such a talented young man among their student.


The fire department is kept on the jump by grass fires these days. The department was called on Monday to extinguish four fires of this nature, nearly every one of which was close to houses or other buildings. No damage was done.

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