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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 7, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 7, 1919


Washington, Aug. 7.— Appointment of Miss Mary Anderson as director of the women in industry service of the department of labor announced today by Secretary Wilson, brings trade union woman for the first time into government office as a federal bureau chief.


The army airplane squadron which will do forest patrol duty over the state of Oregon was assembled for the first time in the state last evening when six planes from Mather field, Sacramento, arrived in the city about 6:30 p.m. entirely unannounced, and joined the two army planes of which Lieutenant Keil and Sergeant Frank McKee are the pilots and who have been engaged for a week in laying out flying patrol courses over the state. All of the eight planes were parked last night at the Medford flying field at the foot of South Fir street; alone with the Medford plane.

The squadron is under the command of Major A. D. Smith of Rockwell field, San Diego, who will have charge of them during the forest fire season. Major Smith’s was the last plane to arrive, as he started from Grenada, Cal., much later than the others and when he reached Medford he circled for a while unable to get his bearings and locate the flying field until one of the other planes was sent up to straighten him out.

Lieutenant Kiel and Sergeant McKee flew here from Eugene and Roseburg yesterday afternoon with Deputy State Forester Scott and C. S. Bartram of Roseburg, who is supervisor of the Umpqua national forest, as passengers, and en route they gave the two forestry officials a vivid touch of high and fast life by driving the planes 185 miles in 85 minutes at a height of 7,800 feet. Bartram fairly thrived on this diet and rode back to Roseburg today with Sergeant Kiel, but Scott had had enough air sport for some time to come and rode back to Salem by train today.

The eight planes which will patrol Oregon looking out for forest fires left this forenoon for Salem, planning to make stops at Roseburg and Eugene. Six went together but Lieutenant Keil and Sergeant McKee went by a course they had laid out between here and Roseburg.

Unless Major Smith changes the plans and flying patrol courses as laid out by Lieutenant Keil, the cities of Salem and Roseburg will be the bases of the patrol planes, four being stationed at each place and Salem being the headquarters. Two planes will fly alternately every other day, and Medford will be visited daily for supplies by one of the planes patrolling this section from Roseburg.

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