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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 13, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 13, 1919


The Medford airplane with Floyd Hart as pilot and George T. Collins as passenger, left the flying ground at 7:15 o’clock this morning for Klamath Falls which city they expected to reach in 45 minutes flying time after they had gained their altitude. At 9:15 a.m. Mr. Collins called up his office in this city and announced that they had had a great trip without a single mishap.

The exact time of their arrival at Klamath Falls in not known yet, but the time made between here and there is regarded as remarkable, considering that it took the airplane about a half hour after leaving the flying field to climb to a height of 6,000 feet over Medford, which altitude they expected to maintain all the way over, and the fact that the Klamath Falls flying field is located about 1 1/2 miles from that city, therefore not easy to locate at once.


We wish to announce that we have raised the price of admission to the Rialto theater from Twenty cents to Twenty-five cents. We have found it necessary to make this change for the following reasons:

In the last year the price of pictures to us has advanced over one hundred percent, and we have been notified of a still further advance in the near future.

The price of everything that goes to the operation of a high class moving picture theater has more than doubled.

The management of the Rialto Theater has always tried to give its patrons the best that is obtainable in pictures. We are planning many new innovations in presentation and will add many improvements in the theater itself. In the near future we will announce the names and titles of some of the productions and stars which will be shown during the coming season. All these pictures will be shown at the standard price of Twenty-five Cents for adults. The admission for children will remain the same.



Rosenthal Brothers & Gollaber of San Francisco, have purchased the Ulrich & Ryan stock of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, hats, shoes, groceries and general merchandise. They have closed the store for a few days for invoicing and will put on a big sale of everything in the store that will begin Saturday if the stock can be arranged. Full particulars will be given in the papers later.

Rosenthal Brothers are in charge, are wide awake merchants and say this is a splendid city in which to locate.


Sergeant Frank McKee on his arrival in Medford this forenoon in his plane on forest fire patrol duty from Roseburg gave a daring exhibition of stunts, starting them at an immense height and gradually descending until he was so low over the business district that he almost touched the buildings. He gave the most of his repertoire of stunts, including the tail spins, loops and falling leaves.

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