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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 15, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 15, 1919

There was no regular publication on Aug. 14, 1919. A weekly publication was printed instead featuring all stories from the previous week in one edition.


Three young men of the Butte Falls district were held to the grand jury by Justice Taylor at their preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon in bond of $500 each, which they furnished. The accused men are Charles Drexler, James Johnson and David Smith. The evidence against them was purely circumstantial and they did not testify nor present any defense.

The charge was brought by T. M. Talbott, federal forestry service examiner, who in his affidavit charges that on August 2 they deliberately started several fires in Butte Falls territory near the junction of Buck creek and the south fork of the Rogue river on the timber land of the Rogue River Timber company.

The evidence of the prosecution showed that these fires were started about 150 yards apart with four or five minutes intervening between each. The forestry lookout in that locality at once discovered the fires which were extinguished before they had spread very far and did much damage.

The evidence further showed that foot tracks leading to and from the fires were made by the same kind of shoes that the accused young men wore. The accused admitted that they were fishing in that vicinity the day the incendiary fires were started.


New York, Aug. 15.—Cincinnati defeated the Giants here today 4 to 3. The attendance was estimated at 38,000.

With only four and a half games separating them from first place in the National league pennant race the Cincinnati Reds and New York Giants met today in the last of a series of three double-headers in as many days. The result of today’s games is expected to have an important bearing on the outcome of the league race. A double win for the western team will give it a commanding lead while a similar success by the eastern club will put it within striking distance of the league leadership. An even break would leave the teams in virtually the same position as at the start of the series.

Of the four games played in the series each club has won two games, three of which were closely contested resulting in small scores. By heavy hitting in the second game of yesterday, New York was enabled to defeat Cincinnati 9 to 3 after the first game had resulted in a 2 to 1 victory for the home team in fourteen innings.


A run of steelhead is on in the river and the fishing is growing better. Fishing so far for some reason has been poor compared with the past few years, but while there has been somewhat general complaint about this condition it will be noticed that some of the real fishermen are making rather good catches. Jonas Wold caught two fine steelhead last night, and one evening this week Frank Isaacs caught seven and F. Roy Davis seven. Carl Bowman who returned last Sunday from his two weeks vacation spent on the river, caught many big fellows and sent the proof in to the city to a number of his friends.

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