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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 20, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 20, 1919


August 19, 1909, From the Mail Tribune

Because this paper commented upon the Portland Telegram’s discovery of the Rogue river valley as a fruit district and the prediction it would soon be as “famous as the Hood River valley,” the Telegram asserts that its “liver is wrong.” One of these days the Telegram, which is better at exploitation than the Oregonian, will discover Crater Lake, as it has discovered fruit raising in the Rogue river valley. Gradually the campaign of education may extend to the pigheaded Oregonian, but by that time southern Oregon will have seceded and joined northern California.


A total of 13,000 people saw the Ringling Brothers circus Saturday, 5,000 in the afternoon, and 8,000 at the evening performance. The attendance was a record, exceeding the 11,800 who attended the Buffalo Bill Wild West show.


Portland, Ore., Aug. 20. — A forest fire in the edge of a big green fir belt, 20 miles east of Albany, today was menacing 2,000,000,000 feet of timber, owned by the Hammond Lumber company, according to reports to forest service headquarters here. The company had sent a large force of fighters and was rushing more men to the burning district, which is known as the Crabtree belt and in one of the finest timber districts in Oregon. Unless the blaze made new headway today it was hoped to stop the spread with little damage. Other small fires were burning in Linn county.

The situation in the upper McKenzie district was improved, according to reports from Eugene, which stated that two of the more dangerous fires were under control. No fear now is felt for the government planting project on Dead mountain. The fires in the Fall creek section were spreading and about 185 men were fighting them.

Aviators in forest patrol panes reported the Tiller fire in Douglas county raging fiercely and far from under control.


All records for sale of Rogue river pears were broken in New York yesterday when one car of Bear creek orchard Bartletts brought an average of $4.05 a box, and another car load from the same orchard brought $4 a box. Another car load from the Palmer Investment company orchard brought the attractive price of $3.90.

The above sales were made by the Bardwell Fruit company through the Stewart Fruit company. The highest previous price obtained, which also broke the record up to that time, was on Monday when a car load, also from the Bear Creek orchard and sold by the same companies, brought a price of $3.85.

Harry and Dave Resenburg, owners of the Bear Creek orchard, it is needless to add, are not very deeply pained over the results of the sales of the first cars of their big crop to reach the New York market.

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