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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 22, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 22, 1919


Portland, Aug. 22. — Hunters of migratory game birds who may have had visions of obtaining record bags by the use of an airplane are to have their hopes dashed, it was learned today.

A bulletin issued by the secretary of agriculture, which prohibits the hunting of the birds from an airplane was received by the state fish and game commission.

The bulletin specifies that no gun larger than 10 gauge shall be used in the pursuit of those fowls.


Breaking again into the busy and rather hum drum life of Medford those pesky and ever animated Elk fellows come along with the announcement that the 10th anniversary of the organization of the local B. P. O. E. lodge will be observed with a lodge picnic and barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 21st, at the new Elks picnic and outing grounds on the Rogue river, which will then be all ready for use.

The occasion will really be a double celebration for it will be the formal dedication of the new outing park. All the big Elks of the lodge will be there, also all the Elkesses and even the little Elkies. And that picnic dinner and fish and venison barbecue! It is planned to make this a real feed to live ever afterwards in the memories of those present. Five roasted deer will be served, and a whole flock or herd of savory steelhead.

After much rumination during which he thoughtfully ran his hand thru his hair several times, George T. Collins, the head buck of all the local Elks, appointed as chairman of the various committees in charge who with himself form the executive big feed committee the following lodge members:

Providing venison — Pat Dailey

Roasting the venison, and head cook — M. S. Johnson of Gold Hill, who bears the reputation of being a crackerjack chef and expert barbecue man.

Baking fish — Glenn Fabrick, who holds the Pacific coast record for baking in mud the most toothsome fish.

Other eats — O. M. Selsby, the most gifted Oregonian in the matter of selecting viands.

Serving the feed — William J. Warner, with instructions to have all the many post office Elks to act as waiters, etc., with Colonel Mims as bus boy.

Music — Herbert Launspach.

Entertainment — Jerry Jerome.

Concessions — W. T. Quisenberry.

Decorations — N. S. Bennett.

Transportation — William A. Gates

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