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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 23, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 23, 1919


A forest fire which started Friday afternoon three-fourths of a mile west of Prospect on the west side of the Rogue river in good timber and heavy underbrush and which spread rapidly jumping the river in several places, burning its way on both sides of the river towards Prospect, endangering the power plant of the California-Oregon Power company and the Grieve hotel and store, was this noon thought to be under control unless the wind shifted.

Nevertheless Deputy State Supervising Fire Warden Garrett left the city with 10 more fire fighters at noon to reinforce the 50 or more men at work on the fires last night and this forenoon, including the employees at work construction the new road between Prospect and Crater Lake, and the crew of fighters rushed to the scene from this city late yesterday afternoon by H. L. Walther, manager of the California-Oregon Power company, who will remain until all danger is past.

Reports in the city today that the hotel and grocery of James Grieve were caught in the spread of the fire last night and destroyed were erroneous. The flames nearest were a half mile away form the hotel it was learned today.

The fire did, however, reach the Prospect bridge across the river, which caught fire in several places, but these burning places were extinguished before any harm was done.

Last reports received from Prospect this forenoon were that barring a shift in the wind and a raising wind the forest fire was possibly under control, but the situation is such that it is liable to flare up again and spread in many places. The prediction for continued warm weather and gentle winds, north to east, for tonight and Sunday are not reassuring.

The fire started in heavy timber which is interspersed with heavy underbrush, spreading through the latter with rapidity, between the power company flume and the river. Although it jumped the river in a number of places the main fire is still on the west side of the river.

This noon this main fire was reported as going away from Prospect with the wind against it. Last evening the strenuous fight made to keep the fire away from the power company flume by backfiring from the flume, was successful, although the old power plant unoccupied in recent years, was burned to the ground.

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