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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 26, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Aug. 26, 1919


Klamath Falls, Aug. 26. — Thousands of fish, rainbow trout mostly, have been killed by what is believed to be an underwater explosion in Diamond lake, according to Henry Stout, local game warden, and R. E. Clanton, state master fish warden, who have returned from the lake. The cause of the phenomenon probably never will be known but Stout believes that some disturbance in the lake bed, general throughout the lake, took place a few days ago.

This theory is based on the fact that the water in every part of the lake is slightly muddy, although it was clear heretofore, and on the fact that fish were discovered dead in all parts of the lake. The number of trout killed runs up into the thousands, ranging from eight inches to a foot and a half in length.

The theory that any person used dynamite in Diamond lake is scouted.

“It would have taken tons of dynamite to kill the number of fish we saw floating about the lake,” said Stout. “It is certain that the explosion occurred prior to last Monday, but how long before that is unknown.”

The members of Stout’s party besides Clanton were: John Ramsdell, R. E. Hunsaker, Charles Simonds and George Chambers.


One of the largest crowds in Medford’s history is expected to be at the city park a week from Saturday on the occasion of the first annual picnic, barbecue and livestock auction sale of the Jackson County Farm Bureau. Rural folk will be in attendance from all over the county. The merchants of Medford are cooperating with the farm bureau leaders to make the event a huge success.


The government sale of surplus army foods is still on at the post office. No orders have been received as yet by Postmaster Mims as to when the sale will be discontinued, but it will not be surprising to have such orders come at any time. Then a lot of people will probably regret not having placed their orders in time for these commodities which were being sold at one dollar or more below wholesale price.


Have you attended the demonstration of electric cookery at Paul’s Electric Store and tasted that delicious electrically baked cake?

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