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Mail Tribune 100 Aug. 27, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Aug. 27, 1919


A general and concerted effort is being made at this time to put all rural school buildings and grounds of Jackson county in the best possible condition for the beginning of the fall term of school.

It has been the custom of school boards to make a general clean-up each fall but there has not been the well organized effort along this line in the rural schools as there has been in the city and town schools. The fact of the influenza and colds having been so prevalent last year offers an additional reason for a thoro cleaning and fumigation this fall.

Circulars bearing upon this matter are being sent from the county superintendent’s office to teachers and school officers, including a blank upon which to make a record of work done. The record is in the form of a report and includes the following items:

By the school board: School grounds cleaned, grass and weeds cut or burned, floor scrubbed, wood work washed, floor oiled, room papered, windows washed, stove polished, chimney cleaned, outbuildings scrubbed, play apparatus repaired, water source cleaned, school room fumigated.

By the teacher and pupils: Worn out decorations removed, pictures rearranged, old standard pennants removed (dated certificates may remain), sash curtains put up, curtains washed, room decorated, library put in shape, desks washed, windows washed, stove polished, school grounds cleaned.

It will be noticed that a few of the items listed for the teacher and pupils are work done regularly under direction of the school board and in nearly all cases will be done by them. There are cases however, where cleaning the school yard for instance is the simple matter of picking up loose sticks and small stones, a thing which pupils can easily do and are usually glad to do. Pupils always think more of their school after having a part in making it.

Some of the school boards are already attending to their part of the work. The teachers and pupils are to complete the matter of putting things in good and attractive condition during the first week of school.


Burglars entered the office of the Medford Service Station last night by taking out a pane of glass in a rear window and crawling in. They unlocked the door and stole three large cord tires, three gallons of Havoline, and several other smaller articles, amounting in all to about $200. Evidently the burglars were after tires and supplies as they failed to take the change left in the money drawer that was unlocked.

No clue to the robbery has been secured as yet.

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